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“Soch badi ho toh koi bhi kahani chhoti nahin hoti”: Greenply’s new spots celebrate self-made individuals

Made by Ogilvy and directed by Shoojit Sircar, the two ads feature the journey of self-made individuals, from their struggles to their successes.

There’s a reason why society celebrates self-made individuals. Such people battle the hard and painful road not many dare to cross. From entrepreneurs to writers to actors to entertainers, it’s fascinating to learn about their journey.

Greenply Industries celebrates such individuals in its latest campaign ‘Khud Bane Ho Toh, Greenply Banta Hain’. The two individuals are not famous, they could be you or me or anyone, they just happen to be the ones who walk that extra mile.

The two ads were made by Ogilvy and directed by Shoojit Sircar.

The first form of resistance we face is from our parents, be it the subject we choose to study, the type of college we wish to join, the company we wish to work for and, of course, our life partner.

In Greenply’s Women’s Day spot, we see a woman who, despite her father’s objections, struggles and strives to fulfil her passion for carpentry. From learning the ropes of the trade to working on the shop floor to pushing a cycle laden with furniture from society to society…

... This ad is a continuation of the infrastructure company's #StopSayingWomenCant campaign that started two years ago.

The story of a struggling writer doing the rounds from one studio to another in search of work and success is one that always finds readership. There’s no bigger underdog than the writer up against indifferent studio heads or publishers. From hope to crushed meetings at studios to sleeping with the hope for a better tomorrow, the spot covers every facet of life.

Sanidhya Mittal, joint managing director, Greenply Industries, said, “We, at Greenply, understand what it takes to make it on one's own. As our brand's philosophy, we always appreciate the length to which individuals go to fulfil their dreams. This campaign is a salute to those self-made people and their indomitable spirit.”

Added Subir Palit, country head, sales and marketing, Greenply Industries, “‘Khud Bane Ho Toh, Greenply Banta Hain’ is all about encouraging everyone to express themselves and keep pursuing their dream. The campaign narrative embodies the principals of what Greenply stands as a brand. It celebrates every self-made individuals’ zeal to stop at nothing in achieving greatness. Through this campaign, we are looking to establish a deeper connect with our audience.”

"The campaign is a tribute to the undefeated resilience of humanity. The characters are people we can easily relate to. We feel their frustrations because we have all been in their shoes. That's why their hope is our hope. The mood of the campaign gets succinctly translated into the familiar Tagore song we hear at the end. The message is clear: walk the solitary path even if no one comes to walk with you," said Sujoy Roy, executive creative director, Ogilvy India.


Campaign elements: TVC

Client: Greenply Industries Limited

Creative Agency: Ogilvy India

Ogilvy creative team:

Sujoy Roy, Dhruv Mookerji, Gour K. Mukherjee, Angad Singh, Rantideb Mukherjee

Ogilvy Account Management Team:

Mudassar Hossain, Nabanita Chatterjee

Director (of the film): Shoojit Sircar

Production House: Rising Sun Films

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