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'Soch sundar hogi tabhi toh desh sundar hoga' says JSW Paints' newest film

The new film takes Think Beautiful out of the four walls of a home and into neighbourhoods.

JSW Paints is adding colour to India's Independence Day celebrations with a film that once again drives home the brand's promise - Thoughtful is Beautiful. Always putting forth interesting takes on what beautiful truly means, JSW Paints seems to say real beauty is in our thoughts. And it shows in the way a person, a home, a community and a nation behave.

Anuradha Bose, chief marketing officer of JSW Paints said, “Since our launch, we have been standing by the clarion call to 'Think Beautiful'. Hence, we have ensured that every aspect of the JSW Paints brand has a Never Done Before quality and a promise to deliver true value to our consumers. It appears everywhere - from our product innovations to price, community and marketing interventions.”

The new film takes Think Beautiful out of the four walls of a home and into neighbourhoods. It takes a leap and makes a larger point. The power that beautiful thoughts have to make our nation beautiful. Playing off a relatable event, the film finds an ingenious twist. One that suits the mega occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day and puts a smile on your face.

Here is a challenge probably every neighbourhood in India faces. A problem no amount of fines, warnings and well-intentioned public advisory has been able to solve. Until JSW Paints decided to change the canvas of solutions and presented a bright new answer in blazing tricolour. Conceptualised by TBWA \India, the film captures India's struggle and India's originality in the same breath.

Commenting on the widespread resonance of the work and its timing, CEO of TBWA\India, Govind Pandey said, “As India stands today at the precipice of the future, we are realising that only thinking good is not enough. Beautiful thoughts that translate into beautiful deeds is what truly makes a meaningful difference. Our progressive stories for JSW Paints are a reflection of this realisation and signal towards creating a thoughtful and beautiful India. There is no better time to highlight how individual acts contribute to a beautiful nation, than the 75th Independence Day of the country."

Speaking about the inception of the idea, Parixit Bhattacharya, managing partner, creative, TBWA\India, said, “When a brand stands for beautiful thoughts, it becomes easy to imagine a beautiful world. We see our new film for JSW Paints as more than a film. It hints at a practical solution to a nagging problem countrywide. Here’s to making India more beautiful, one wall at a time.”

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