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Sociowash renews CenturyPly's digital mandate

The agency will be responsible for managing the website, social media, content writing, and the creation of off-page content for CenturyPly.

Sociowash, an Integrated Advertising Agency, has successfully renewed its ongoing account with CenturyPly, one of the leading manufacturers of plywood and laminates. They have been associated with CenturyPly for the last 2+ years now, and have extended their partnership to establish positive business results for their next tenure. Sociowash will be responsible for managing the website, social media, content writing, and the creation of off-page content for CenturyPly under this association.

Sociowash, owing to its expertise in the digital and creative marketing space, with the efficiency of its team will focus on creating desired content to optimise results for social media & website. Along with this, Sociowash will work on Backlink creation, Directory Submissions, Book Marking, etc. for the next tenure. Sociowash will provide CenturyPly with a comprehensive social media strategy, which includes channel strategy development, influencer strategy development, extensive SEO, and management of their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube pages along with blog writing, and media planning & execution services to generate potential leads through digital mediums. In their previous mandate, Sociowash provided CenturyPly with social media, media planning, website management, SEO, blog writing, and execution services.

Raghav Bagai, co-founder of Sociowash, speaks about the renewed digital mandate saying, “We are pleased to continue our association with CenturyPly for their digital transformation. As an integrated advertising agency, even in the past, we have been a great companion for CenturyPly and provided them with strategic services that ultimately resulted in positive results and engagement across digital. We look forward to continued effective outcomes this tenure”.

Mitash Chatterjee, head of corporate marketing, CenturyPly said, “Our trust has been built along with our relations with Sociowash through the work they have done. The scope of work has increased year on year and through their work approach, they have maintained our goodwill, delivering great results. Influencer campaigns, high-traffic-oriented websites, and great media strategies for digital platforms, these are all the sectors we believe have been provided with effective outcomes. Sociowash has managed to establish good relationships and reliability in the past few years, and we are looking forward to a more progressive partnership in the years to come''.

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