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Sociowash restarts its Social Media Mandate for Cinépolis

The brand's digital presence will be managed once again by Sociowash Delhi.

Sociowash - a leading Indian creative agency has resumed its mandate of Social Media Marketing for the voguish theatre circuit, Cinépolis. With the onset of the pandemic, as the world went to a standstill, Cinépolis had hit a pause and changed its digital POA.

As they reopen their screens across India, the brand's digital presence will be managed once again by Sociowash Delhi.

The second-largest theatre circuit in the world, Cinépolis is India’s first international exhibitor and operates 360 theatre screens under Cinépolis, Cinépolis VIP and Fun Cinemas in India including the country’s biggest Megaplex screen. As the brand takes its social media game to the next level, Sociowash steps in to do what they do best.

Commenting on this, Raghav Bagai, Co-founder, Sociowash, said, "Entertainment brands are super exciting to create for and we couldn’t be more excited. Sociowash has always strived to create stories; from the first draft to the final cut, we believe in making every brand a record-breaking superhit across box offices. As Cinépolis reopens its megaplex screens, Sociowash will see you at your mobile screens. Grab your popcorn tubs and watch the magic unveil. Picture toh abhi shuru hui hai, dost!”

In the cusp of the pandemic, Cinépolis went on a long hiatus, shutting down all movie halls and screens in the country. As people settled into the post-pandemic new normal, so did Cinépolis with social distancing, safety measures and limited seating for cinema lovers. With the new year comes new beginnings and both Cinépolis and Sociowash are pumped to reach new heights and create an exciting buzz.