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Sociowash retains the Youth Marketing mandate for OnePlus

YouthBeat will be responsible for managing youth marketing for the brand, including Campus Ambassadors recruitment and planning strategies.

Sociowash - a leading creative and Youth Marketing agency in India has retained the mandate for the OnePlus Youth Marketing Program to increase the brand’s share of voice among the youth. The agency’s Youth marketing arm – YouthBeat will manage the program in sync with the brand’s objective to tap into the student community and associate closely with them.

The concept of the student community and the compounding effect of influence within the community is still underrated. Thus, Sociowash endeavours to bridge the gap of direct contact between the brand and the university by strategizing the activities for the Campus Ambassador Program and help OnePlus garner an exclusive community among youth.

Commenting on the program, Raghav Bagai, co-founder, Sociowash said, “OnePlus’s Campus Ambassador Program is an excellent opportunity for young talent to hone their skills. With a huge number of OnePlus technology enthusiasts in universities, we are proud to partner with the brand and enhance its share of voice among the student community. We look forward to creating strategies that benefit the brand and create space for the community members to thrive in order to generate results for the brand.”

Sociowash will manage all activities associated with the campus ambassador program including selection to the recruitment of student ambassadors from top universities based on ambition displayed, personal values, creativity, understanding of technology, passion for marketing, outgoing personality, and leadership qualities. These people are closest to the student community and can provide important insights into the community’s perception of the brand. Furthermore, the agency will formulate strategies to drive the growth of the OP SAP community through talent unboxing events, clubhouse sessions, IG takeovers, etc.

As part of the program, students get to learn new skills, work with the brand and understand how it works. As a part of the SAP, the students also become eligible to experience the latest models of OnePlus smartphones, AIOT products, buds, etc. while becoming brand advocates/ endorsers.

Being one of the fastest-growing creative agencies, Sociowash has executed a broad spectrum of similar programs and digital campaigns. The mandate consists of result-oriented planning, strategizing and execution of Oneplus’s campus ambassador program by the agency. In addition, the agency is responsible for adding value to the brand and students’ learning experience by designing a better growth-driven strategy for the brand

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