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Sparx launches 'It's In Me' campaign with Akshay Kumar, celebrating youthful energy and resilience

The campaign focuses on the boundless energy and 'never give up' attitude of today's youth.

Sparx, the footwear brand by Relaxo, has introduced a new TV commercial as part of the celebrated 'It's In Me' campaign featuring Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. This campaign focuses on the boundless energy and 'never give up' attitude of today's youth.

The creative begins with Akshay Kumar engaging in a spirited kite-flying contest with a young boy and his friends. Although the young kid initially loses his kite to Akshay, he responds positively, saying, "Akshay sir, kaata hai, loota nahi hain" (meaning, I've lost it, but you haven't got hold of it yet). The ensuing chase between Akshay and the young boy showcases their agility, speed, and the quality of Sparx footwear.

Both of them run, turn, jump, and maneuver at an extreme pace while maintaining a strong grip on the road, highlighting the footwear's quality. In the end, both succeed in getting close to the kite, with Akshay capturing the kite's thread (manjha) and the young boy grabbing the flight by jumping into the water, reflecting the fearless spirit of Indian youth. The TVC ends with both of them proudly presenting the 'It's In Me' collection.

Gaurav Dua, executive director at Relaxo Footwear, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, stating, "Having Superstar Akshay Kumar at the center of this campaign ushers a new era of agility and comfort through Sparx’s product that aren’t bound to a single vector or audience."

Sachin Chhabra, VP & head of marketing at Relaxo Footwears, emphasised the campaign's alignment with the youth and the energy it represents, highlighting style, durability, and comfort in their range of footwear.

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