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Spinny wants viewers to see young cricketers on field during IPL, as veteran cricketers go on a road trip

We spoke to Spinny’s Arshdeep Chhabra and Tanya Mahendru to understand the campaign, trends in the used car segment, and more.

Spinny, a used car selling platform, has launched an Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 campaign, featuring strategic investor and brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar, along with Anil Kumble and Yuvraj Singh. 

The campaign, titled ‘Go Far For Your Squad’, features the three cricketing legends, who go on a road trip in a Spinny SUV. The campaign is the first one by Zoya Akhtar’s production house Tiger Baby. 

afaqs! spoke to Arshdeep Chhabra, general manager, marketing, Spinny, and Tanya Mahendru, the brand’s creative partner, about the campaign. 

When asked about the idea behind the campaign, Mahendru says, “For the IPL, the thought was simple. We know that it’s entertaining. We wanted to create something that’s delightful to watch with the #Gofar theme, but not in a preachy way. The main theme was to create something around men’s road trip.”

Spinny wants viewers to see young cricketers on field during IPL, as veteran cricketers go on a road trip

The brand’s brief to its creative partner, was to make something for the IPL that narrates its story (journey). Something that can also be carried forward. The brand wanted to showcase the three cricketers in a way that audiences have never seen them before. 

Talking about the association with Singh and Kumble, rather than going with the young cricketers that are in the limelight due to the IPL, Mahendru mentions, “The whole concept was to showcase the IPL legends. It’s delightful to watch these players’ different side. While the audiences will see the young cricketers on the field during the IPL, during ad breaks, they will see the three legends chilling.”

The campaign’s target group is Tier-I audiences, up to 32 years of age. On Spinny’s platform, 30% of the buyers are women, and the campaign focusses on both the genders.

The campaign’s media spends will be equally split between (IPL broadcasters) JioCinema and Star Sports. As this is one of Spinny’s biggest campaigns, it doesn’t want to ignore any medium and wants to create visibility. 

Trends in the used car category 

According to industry reports, the Indian used car market was valued at about $32 billion in 2021, and is expected to reach over $74 billion in 2027, registering a CAGR growth of 15%. 

As per Spinny, the top three cities buying used cars are Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad. The top three car brands that are popular in the used car segment are Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and Honda. The popular models include Hyundai Grand i10, Hyundai Elite i20 and Renault Kwid.

The unused car market is mostly unorganised. When we asked how the brand is looking to crack this model with its presence, Chhabra says, “Currently, the major chunk of the business is unorganised, but the brand is witnessing steady growth. The younger generation tends to look towards a particular brand, rather than an unorganised dealer. People are moving to digital now. They understand that a brand has much more to offer, than a dealer.” 

Spinny’s rival landscape 

“Our competition isn’t the used car players, but the new car segment. We want people to have the same kind of experience they have while buying new cars. Spinny is the only platform that works on a full stack model, and all the processes are owned by it, unlike other platforms that usually have franchise dealerships,” Chhabra points out. 

Last year, Spinny and Disney+ Hotstar together were IPL’s associate sponsor. But this year, it has partnered with veteran cricketers.

Chhabra states, “This time around, due to budget splits, there’s no sponsorship. The idea was to just show ads during matches.”

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