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Spotify introduces ‘call to action’ ads for podcasts

These ads can be customised by advertisers with images, text and other clickable buttons and can encourage the desired call to action.

Spotify has rolled out a new ad format called ‘Call-to-Action Cards’ aimed at podcasters. The feature will display a visual ad in the Spotify app when the audio ad begins to play.

The cards can be customised by advertisers with their own images, text and other clickable buttons that will direct listeners to either shop now or take any other action that the advertiser wants to encourage.

CTA cards will appear in the app as soon as a podcast ad begins playing, and will also appear later on while users are exploring the Spotify app, hence making it easier to check out the brand.

With the launch of this new ad format, the audio streaming application attempts to making podcast ads interactive by transforming these ads from something that can only be heard.

While the ads are capable of capturing users’ attention while streaming, listening to podcasts is often an activity where the app is running in the background while the user is doing something else like going for a walk, exercising at the gym, doing housework, driving and more.

Therefore, the app will make these CTA cards available on both the podcast’s show and episode pages. This will enable the targeted listeners to interact with the ad at some later point when they are browsing through the Spotify app, the company explains.

Advertisers who adopt the format will also have access to reporting and measurement based on confirmed ad impressions made possible through streaming ad insertion.

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