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Spotify promotes its podcasts with ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’

The series of ads on the audio streaming giant’s social media handles are about different kinds of podcasts available on the platform.

Audio streaming giant Spotify has rolled out a series of ads on its social media handles to promote the different kinds of podcasts available on the platform.

The ads feature actor Jitendra Kumar, aka ‘Jeetu Bhaiya’, who discovers the convenience of getting information about various domains by listening to podcasts. Be it personal finance, general knowledge or life lessons, Spotify seems to have something for all its listeners.

Podcasts have become a mainstream entertainment format. During the COVID pandemic, people sought audio podcasts as a respite from strenuous screen time. Even post-pandemic, these have found there place in listeners' lives, when they are stuck in traffic or after a tough day at work.

Audio streaming platforms, like Spotify, are in a sweet spot right now. Audio streaming is one of the few services that has done well since the pandemic broke out in 2020. As more people stayed, and worked from, home, there was an increased interest in listening to podcasts and streaming music, while taking care of household chores.

Speaking to afaqs! earlier this year, Neha Ahuja, head of marketing, Spotify, revealed that pre-pandemic, one in five people were podcast listeners. But post-pandemic, that number has changed to one in four.

She added, “25% of our user base are already podcast listeners. They tend to exhibit a diverse consumption pattern too. They listen to podcasts, with genres ranging from fiction to romance to mental health and so on.”

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