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Spotify streams Ilaiyaraaja ads on Times Square’s digital billboard

The famed music composer’s playlist is now available on the leading audio streamer. Hence, the all-out marketing.

Swedish audio streaming giant Spotify has fallen in love, like many of us, with famed music composer, lyricist and singer Ilaiyaraaja. How else can you explain over five videos featuring Ilaiyaraaja in less than three weeks on Spotify’s YouTube channel?

Recently, Spotify made curated playlists of Ilaiyaraaja available on its platform and was promoting this announcement through videos made by Dentsu Webchutney. Spotify went all out to promote the playlists. From the classic announcement spot to one asking Ilaiyaraaja about the tunes which spring to his mind based on different scenarios to one where his ardent fans get to listen two seconds of a tune and then guess which song it is.

But Spotify and its agency Dentsu Webchutney outdid themselves when they streamed the playlists on a Time Square digital billboard, one of the world’s most popular outdoor media spaces in not only New York but also the world.

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