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Sprite’s jewellery is your best bet against parents invading your privacy

Especially for young adults living with their parents, and hoping for some quality me time.

One of the worst things that can happen to adults, especially young adults, is having their parents enter their rooms when they should, at that time, ideally be miles away.

Or let us know you’re coming.

It is the crux of the summer campaign from Sprite – aimed at Gen Zs – in which Coca-Cola’s lemon-lime flavoured soft drink introduces "Knocklace Collection" – high-tech jewellery in the form of a locket that’ll warn you when somebody is close to invading your privacy and disturbing that quality me time you’re enjoying.

A brainchild of Sao Paulo-based advertising agency AKQA Casa, the first of the campaign’s two ads shows a lady enjoying a bubble bath and playing DJ before her mum walks in. In the second ad, a dad (not related to the first ad) walks into the room only to catch his son feeding baby ducks in a kid pool.

Muse by Clio quoted João Gandara, ACD at AKQA: “The Knocklace Collection comes as a humorous tool to raise awareness of the importance of privacy in a world where everything is overshared and overexposed.”

“Knocklaces are being given to influencers who still haven't left their nests. Sprite has invited them to create content sharing their experiences of being watched so closely while entering adulthood. Our main objective is to promote healthy conversations between Gen Z and their parents."

The campaign comes under the beverage’s "Heat Happens" platform which it launched in 2022. The brand’s press note then said:

In a world that’s more heated than ever, Sprite is offering a light-hearted reminder to stay cool in its first-ever global platform launching this week. “Heat Happens” invites fans to step back and enjoy a hit of refreshment with Sprite when faced with unavoidable, and potentially annoying, moments that are part of the fabric of daily life.

The brand, at that time, also introduced a new visual identity featuring a revamped logo and packaging design to provide a consistent look and voice around the world.

In India, Sprite’s last ad (Hindi language dub) starred cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav and stand-up comic and show host Kapil Sharma who tell viewers they can scan the QR code on the Sprite bottle to listen to some jokes and have a chuckle at the expense of the hear. Thand Rakh or Stay Cool is the positioning the beverage has chosen in this country.

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