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SRF Floron AC Gas says "We Cool, What Keeps You Cool" in its latest campaign

The campaign is conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi.

SRF Floron AC gas, a SRF brand, has launched its latest campaign Cooling Tomorrow Together, conceptualised by L&K Saatchi & Saatchi, part of Publicis Groupe India. The campaign comprises two films that will be aired exclusively on JioCinema at the Indian Premier League.

SRF seeks to highlight the crucial role of AC refrigerants in staying cool during the summer. The two 10-second advertisements establish the "We Cool (AC): What Keeps You Cool" narrative. The films take an exaggerated, humorous route, depicting two extreme scenarios where the protagonists do not get angry despite provocation.

Depicting everyday situations, the first ad shows a driver staying calm as his expensive car gets hit on an empty road. The second ad showcases a husband being saved from his wife’s fury when he forgets about his dinner date and falls asleep, all thanks to the superior cooling power of SRF Floron AC gas.

Through these light-hearted narratives, the campaign effectively highlights the product's key benefit: its ability to maintain car and room temperature, promoting a sense of calm and well-being for drivers and consumers alike.

Rohit Malkani, chief creative officer, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi in India, said, “It isn’t easy to advertise or tell a story about a product that is neither seen nor heard. We went in search of an ‘Oh! I never knew Floron did that!’ idea. We aimed to bring the AC refrigerant out of its hiding place and give it its rightful value in life situations. The result is a set of films that are fun, quirky, and delightful.”

A SRF Floron representative added, “’Cooling Tomorrow Together’ is more than just a campaign; it's a pledge of tranquility amidst life's chaos. In collaboration with SRF Floron, L&K Saatchi & Saatchi has artfully captured our vision: to redefine comfort. This initiative aims to engage and enlighten consumers about the technology behind their home cooling appliances and car air conditioning, while cementing SRF Floron's status as the ultimate choice for AC cooling gas in the market.”

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