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SRK explains the merit of ‘Two Teacher Advantage’ in BYJU’S new ad

The offering attempts to redefine after-school learning experience and the classrooms of tomorrow.

Leading edtech platform BYJU’S has rolled out an ad campaign, featuring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, to highlight the launch of its classes with ‘Two Teacher Advantage’, the first of its kind in India.

With this ad, BYJU'S aims to introduce the unique concept of having two teachers in a classroom. It draws attention to how this unique model can offer a better classroom experience by helping children gain conceptual clarity.

The TVC shows Khan talking about the benefits of ‘Two Teacher Advantage’ in helping a student become 'too good' in her learning journey.

The ad, with its catchy song, attempts to address the daily concerns of students, who are struggling to understand basic concepts at regular after-school tuition classes. It highlights how BYJU'S ‘Two Teacher Advantage’ helps children learn better. The ad has been created by the agency Spring Marketing Capital.

While one expert teacher uses strong visuals and storytelling to explain topics in-depth to ensure conceptual clarity, the other one solves doubts, pays individual attention, and makes the sessions interactive and engaging.

Speaking about the campaign, Mrinal Mohit, chief operating officer, BYJU’s, said, “... The TVC aims to present the one-of-its-kind ‘Two Teacher Advantage’ that makes after-school learning experience very dynamic and redefines the classrooms of tomorrow. We want to further convey that BYJU’S classes are the future of tuition and will help students learn better. With Shah Rukh Khan being a household name, we are confident that we will be able to bolster our connection with the students.”

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