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Star TV Network wants you to live the HD life

It urges you to subscribe to its HD packages, rather than consume entertainment in standard definition.

Some people buy a smartphone so that they can play the most processor-heavy games on it. But, they end up playing not a single game on their handset.

Star TV Network’s new spot talks about one such person (Rohit). When a woman (Geeta) visits him for the first time, mind you, she hasn’t seen his face, she assumes the best when she spots posters of a fit guy. When Rohit emerges from the room, there’s a lot left to be desired.

Similarly, Rohit has bought an HD TV, but hasn’t subscribed to a single high-definition channel. What’s the use of buying such a TV, then?

“Is your HD TV as good as a showpiece? Let it live up to its name!” states the network.