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Stick to social distancing, urges Fevicol in a humorous new experiment

The leading adhesive brand stuck ‘blocked’ tables and chairs to the floor so that the rule flouters didn’t get a seat and maintained distance from one another.

People need dramatic examples to shake them into action. While the fear of the Coronavirus and the death toll forced people to wear masks and maintain social distancing last year, folks have now started to take these precautionary measures for granted.

Fevicol, a leading adhesive major, decided that a dramatic example was necessary to remind people once again of the importance of social distancing.

So, at a food court in a mall, Fevicol stuck a few chairs and tables to the floor and then placed a message on it that read: Please leave this table vacant to maintain social distancing.

Despite the messaging, men, women and families came and tried to pull the chairs much to the amusement of those seated at adjacent tables.

The messaging was simple: maintain social distancing because the virus hasn’t left our shores.

Vivek Sharma, CMO, Fevicol, Pidilite Industries, said, “Brands have a larger role to play in society. With this experiment, in a quintessential Fevicol way, we just wanted to remind the audience that social distancing is still very important and we should not let our guard down.”

On the thought process behind the video, Akshay Gurnani, co-founder, Schbang, said, “The best way to drive social change is if it's done in a light-hearted, non-preachy manner. Fevicol and Schbang have always tried to create such an impact on the digital medium, and this time, through a quirky, tongue-in-cheek video serving as a reminder to continue maintaining social distancing.”

“The idea of using Fevicol to remind people about social distancing was time-sensitive, and it required us to work around the clock to make it happen. I think the team has done a fantastic job in using the classic Fevicol humour and quirk to give a timely message,” commented Jay Morzaria, group creative manager, Schbang.

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