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Sting's new campaign featuring Akshay Kumar as a student brings alive its mantra of electrifying energy

The film begins in a chemistry lab set up in a college with a grouchy professor reviewing science projects.

PepsiCo India’s Sting® has been known to electrify the youth of India with its jolt of exhilarating energy. Continuing its efforts to energize its consumers, Sting®, today, unveiled its new campaign featuring brand ambassador and superstar Akshay Kumar. The campaign that is set to enthrall audiences this summer is accompanied with a quirky and exciting film that reinstates the brand’s ‘Energy Bole Toh Sting®’ positioning.

The film begins in a chemistry lab set up in a college with a grouchy professor reviewing science projects. One after the other, students present their innovative prototypes - only to receive an unimpressed response from the professor. The grumpy professor, hellbent on disliking every project, is stunned as Akshay Kumar enters with his project powered by Sting® Energy! A sip of the electrifying Sting® was all it took for Akshay to turn the laboratory upside down, leaving the professor stunned and dumbfounded. Looking for a reaction, Akshay cheekily asks the professor in Hindi, ‘Ab Mazza Aya Sir?”. It ends with the brand tagline on display ‘Energy Bole Toh Sting®’ that sums up the film in one line.

Speaking about the launch of Sting’s® new campaign, Naseeb Puri, Senior Marketing Director, Energy, Hydration & Flavours, PepsiCo India said, “Sting has truly been a trailblazer in the beverage category, redefining multiple codes including communication. Sting campaigns have always resonated very strongly with our audiences - using wit, surprise and over the top entertainment to drive awareness and make the Sting energy benefit unmissable! This year too, we’re back with yet another energizing campaign that once again uses hyperbole to reinforce how no energy is quite like Sting energy.”

Talking about the new campaign, brand ambassador Akshay Kumar commented, “I always look forward to shooting with Sting, not only because of the energy the brand offers but because there is always a unique storyline that awaits us. This time as well, the campaign offers a fun turn of events that showcase the refreshing and entertaining avatar of the brand. I am thrilled to be a part of this campaign and am confident it’ll resonate well with the audience.”

The new 360-degree Sting® campaign will be amplified across television, digital, outdoor, and social media. Sting® is available in small single serve packs in 200ml and 250ml and multi serve pack of 500 ml across all modern and traditional retail outlets in India, as well as on leading e-commerce platforms.

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