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Swiggy Genie presents itself as your last-minute “need it now” aid in a new set of ads

The in-app feature/service lets you pick up and drop any item from anywhere in your city.

Genies or jinns are supernatural beings born from smokeless fire. A certain genie is known to grant three wishes to anyone who rubs his lamp and awakens him if we’re to go by Disney’s Aladdin.

Now, coming to the one from Bengaluru’s Kormangala i.e. Swiggy Genie, it seems someone has rubbed its lamp because we’ve come across two new ads from the service.

The first ad features an already weary Ranjit who has not even stepped out of his home for office (an interesting sight in ads that have mostly shown us indoors till now) and has got a list of to-dos from his family. Aiming to make his life simpler, he uses Swiggy Genie to bring his specs; no need for him to go ahead and do it.

It’s a similar story in the second ad where the urgent need for chart paper is met in a jiffy courtesy of Swiggy Genie.

But, what is Swiggy Genie? From the words on the food delivery giant's website: “Pickup or drop any item from anywhere in your city”.

Launched during the heights of the pandemic in March 2020, Swiggy, in a blog post, said it “recognized the need for delivery, as an essential life-line service during this phase, and rapidly launched and expanded Swiggy Genie in March 2020; on the heels of the first lockdown announcement”.

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