Benita Chacko

Swiggy Instamart saves Ramesh-Suresh from chocolate shortage with instant delivery

A humorous take on the popular Cadbury 5 Star ad, this one highlights Swiggy’s speedy delivery promise that can save one from an unexpected shortage.

After creating a spoof of the Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai? ad, Swiggy Instamart has now done a parody of the popular Ramesh-Suresh ad to highlight how its instant delivery can save someone from an unexpected shortage.

It is a humorous take on the Cadbury 5 Star ad, where two brothers are seen eating the chocolate while at a tailor shop to get their father’s pants altered. The new Swiggy ad shows what happens when they run out of chocolates. A Swiggy delivery girl immediately comes to their rescue with more chocolates.

It highlights that Swiggy can save anyone from an unexpected shortage anytime, with its speedy delivery. It promises grocery delivery within 15-30 minutes.

All the online delivery firms are now emphasising on ‘quick commerce’, where the focus is on last-mile delivery. This is measured in minutes, and not hours, or days.

Dunzo said it will deliver groceries and essential items within 30 minutes, but its latest string of ads says 19 minutes. Grofers claims 15-minute delivery. BigBasket banks on under 60 minutes delivery, while Big Bazaar will deliver your order within 120 minutes.

Last month, Swiggy had launched an ad spoofing the popular Colgate ad, where a woman (actress Lara Dutta) would go around asking people, Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai? The Swiggy ad showed an old lady getting annoyed after finding out that her salt bottle is empty right before she’s about to gorge on some French fries.

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