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Swiggy taps into our pets’ minds to promote Swiggy One

The membership plan offers unlimited free deliveries and extra discounts on restaurants, Instamart, and Genie.

Swiggy’s latest offering feels like the best of all worlds packed into one. The Swiggy One membership gives you unlimited free deliveries and extra discounts on restaurants, Instamart, and Genie orders on Swiggy.

But, how do you creatively express the benefits and not make the viewer feel all dull with ads that explain this offering? Lowe Lintas had the answer.

The campaign films highlight various scenarios in the protagonists’ life through their pets’ points of view showcasing a shift before and after availing of the Swiggy ONE membership. One of the films shows a cat’s point of view and how much ‘me time’ the cat gets at home while her owner runs errands outdoors; the other film shows a dog’s disappointment on how his owner is never home as he’s constantly making grocery store runs to stock up. Both the scenarios end with the protagonists being able to stay home more, thanks to their membership with Swiggy ONE for all their needs.

Ashish Lingamneni, Head of Brand, Swiggy said, “While the Swiggy ONE membership programme offers benefits and discounts across Swiggy’s services, it was important to showcase the fact that Swiggy is truly enabling convenience to consumers through its offerings. Through this campaign, the team at Lowe Lintas, have beautifully depicted how Swiggy ONE can bring convenience to the consumer’s doorstep, freeing their time for their loved ones, be it their family or beloved furry pets.”

Talking about the campaign, Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas said: “The idea was to showcase how Swiggy ONE members get to spend more time with their loved ones. But we didn’t want to show it in a cliché way. The product itself is so different and not like regular membership services. So, it wasn’t about price differentiation or services offered. Swiggy ONE is everything Swiggy be it Instamart, restaurants, Genie and anything else that comes from the Swiggy stable. So, while multiplicity was at the heart of the communication the medium to communicate it was something we experimented on.”


Client: Ashish Lingamneni, Sneha John

Creative: Sagar Kapoor, Kishore Mohandas, Binita Singh, Pradeap Krishnan, Charan Kumar

Account Management: Sonali Khanna, Sudhir Nayak

Planning: Kishore Subramanian

Production: Lintas C:EX, (Director: Prashant Madan)

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