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Swiggy called out as Hinduphobic over a billboard

Showing eggs in a Holi-related OOH spot did not sit well with netizens. Swiggy has decided to take down the hoarding.

Netizens have termed Swiggy Instamart ‘Hinduphopic’ over a billboard which stresses that eggs are meant for consumption and not as a object to throw at people on Holi.

The billboard has irked people to the extent that some have said they will uninstall the Swiggy app. The brand has decided to take down the hoardings where were installed in Delhi.

“@Swiggy, your actions have hurt the sentiments of millions of people. Learn to show respect for all festivals and remove the offensive Holi billboard and reel. Why No such gyan on non-Hindu festivals,” tweeted an offended individual.

Swiggy joins a growing list of brands which have faced trolling and boycott calls over communication termed offensive to a religion or a sentiment. Other such brands include Tanishq, AU Bank, and Ceat Tyres.

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