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Swisse releases new ad film featuring Sanjana Sanghi

The ad narrative emphasises care and family bonding through the brand’s food supplements.

Swisse, an international health and wellness brand, has unveiled its recent ad film starring Sanjana Sanghi that encapsulates the essence of home, love, and mutual care. Set against the backdrop of an Indian household, the ad emphasizes the universal bond of familial love, transcending borders from Australia to India. 

The ad film unfolds with Sanjana returning home from Australia. Homesick and longing for the comfort of family, she's welcomed with a home-cooked meal prepared by her mother. As she watches her exhausted mother, a touching moment follows when she presents her with a care package filled with Swisse supplements. The ad reinforces the brand's message - as our loved ones care for us, we should reciprocate with equal, if not more, love and care.

There is a twist in the story where the mother reveals her own stash of Swisse supplements, symbolising the brand’s acceptance in the modern Indian household. 

The selection of the characters is strategic and resonates with Swisse's target demographics: empowered young adults and independent senior citizens, particularly from urban centers. 

"In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to lose sight of these essential bonds, but with every product we offer, we strive to nurture and strengthen these ties. Our latest advertisement isn't just about vitamins or wellness; it's a narrative on love, care, and the mutual responsibility we share with our family. It’s a reflection of our commitment, not only to the individual’s well-being but to the well-being of entire families, transcending borders and cultures", commented Akash Bedi, chief strategy and operations officer, H&H Group.

Swisse products are manufactured in Australia.

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