Aishwarya Ramesh

Switch to MacBook Air to WFH comfortably all day, suggests this new ad

The ad pushes MacBook Air's battery life and processing power, but it seems to come a little late in the day as offices begin to reopen.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, work from home (WFH) has become a reality for many salaried employees. They've had to use laptops to get work done, and iStore's latest ad makes a suggestion to them.

The ad features a man working remotely at a beachside cafe setting. He toggles between tasks to demonstrate how long MacBook Air's battery life lasts. We see him work on a presentation, attend a Zoom meeting, and more.

iStore is Apple's official reseller in India. The ad pushes MacBook Air's battery life and processing power, but it seems to come a little late. Work from home was more widely prevalent during the first COVID wave. But now, as cities are opening up, employees are returning to their workplaces, armed with masks and sanitisers. It remains to be seen if offices will shut again, if a third COVID wave strikes.

Working from home in a chaotic environment was the theme of a few ads released last year. The ads used humour, a tool to speed up relatability, and tried to make people feel like they were less alone in their ordeal.

Check out this ad by online medicine delivery service PharmEasy. It captures how hard it is to find a moment of peace and quiet, while working from home.

In this long format ad, Apple hilariously captures the pitfalls of working from home, with products integrated into the storyline. The ad highlights how the connectedness of the Apple ecosystem facilitates people to work from home more flawlessly.

This Lay's ad features one of every employee's worst nightmares, i.e., running out of snacks that fuel us during the day.

Swiggy used this ad to look at how drastically people's lives changed, while working from home. It talked about the struggles one faced, while juggling work, household chores, as well as late nights and lockdown.

Content house FilterCopy teamed up with Amazon Prime Video to create a piece that showcases the differences in life in a pre- and post-COVID world. The video specifically focuses on how life was at the beginning of the COVID-induced lockdowns, adapting to work from home, and what would eventually be the ‘new normal’.

The FilterCopy video features the protagonist navigating through a work from home scenario and meeting deadlines, while simultaneously binge-watching a new show on Amazon Prime. The video was created in collaboration with Amazon Prime to promote its newest Original ‘Unpaused’. It is an anthology of stories set in the context of COVID and lockdowns.