Shreyas Kulkarni

Take extra caution while driving close to a car with an ‘E’ symbol, says CarDekho Gaadi

The company aims to create a safe driving environment for the elderly, wherein ‘E’ stands for elders.

Mobility was and remains badly hit ever since the Coronavirus pandemic forced countries into lockdowns. The threat of the virus still looms large, despite the introduction of vaccines.

People have turned wary of public transport because of social distancing constraints. For them, personal mobility is the best solution – personal cars over public buses, trains, rickshaws and cabs.

The elderly are, in particular, aggrieved with this situation. CarDekho Gaadi, a leading full-stack auto tech company’s new campaign by Leo Burnett, focuses on what these folks feel about driving these days. From the incessant honking to the lack of patience, it’s nothing but pressure.

To create a safe driving environment for the elderly, the company said that just like ‘L’ stands for learners, ‘E’ will now stand for the elderly. The campaign is targeted towards all eligible drivers, who are urged to take extra caution while driving close to a car with an ‘E’ symbol on it.

Gaurav Mehta, chief marketing officer, CarDekho Group, said, “This campaign reflects an ideology that the brand stands for – developing an inclusive and caring personal mobility environment for everyone. There has been a huge change in the way we live now.”

“We want to make everyone feel safe and have a hassle-free driving experience, especially senior citizens. We hope this campaign will promote simple, incremental behavioural changes and more empathy towards elders driving on the road.”

Rajdeepak Das, CEO and chief creative officer – South Asia, Leo Burnett, the agency behind the campaign, added, “‘E for elderly’ is a great example of how a simple idea can create a big change. With the pandemic, we have seen the rise in people taking personal transport, including our senior citizens, who have taken to driving once again.”

“But how do we make people compassionate towards the elderly, who are getting back to driving after years? So, we created ‘E’ as the sign for elderly drivers. You can write on paper, print, use tape, as long as it’s an ‘E’, it does the job. We are very proud to be a part of this initiative with CarDekho and hope to make a positive difference with this campaign.”

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