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Talent from Mumbai and Italy co-create quarantine soundtracks

Mumbai-based design agency Rocking.Company recently released a set of three tracks - 'We Will Survive', Let's Go Back Better', and 'Khud Se Puch'.

In an attempt to capture the ongoing emotional tussle, Rocking.Company, the Mumbai-based design studio, recently released a set of three tracks - 'We Will Survive', Let's Go Back Better', and 'Khud Se Puch'. At a time when the world is busy singing away the Coronavirus blues, the tracks, with their groovy music and inspiring lyrics, are about holding-it-all-together, lifting spirits and positivity.

The music has been composed by Italy-based artist Edoardo Bosi (aka Edoquarto). Rocking.Company has frequently collaborated with him for sound and music requirements for various clients. Other artists include Hemant Dhyani (aka MC Heam), and the agency's team members in different parts of Mumbai.

The initial idea was that of a single track. But, more tracks were added as a result of positive feedback. Each song is designed for a different mood. 'Let's Go Back Better' is an emotional track, with a 'nature' element, 'Khud Se Puch' and 'We Will Survive' are created with a light play and bright humour, respectively.

Speaking about the ideation, Rocking.Company’s co-founder Monish Ganesan says, “While we wait for this time to pass and for things to get better, we decided to create music that would lift our spirits, and we wanted to share it with everyone around us, too.”

Monish Ganesan
Monish Ganesan

The CG visuals of the videos are quite interesting, as all three are almost identical. They feature a guy sitting in cup filled with water, while the saucer moves around. Was this inspired by the current Coronavirus outbreak? Ganesan responds, “The idea was how all of us are just confined to our homes and there is nowhere else to go. So, even as the track plays in the video, the guy is just trapped in a cup and moving round and round – showcasing the ongoing tussle.”

While no special technology was involved, the biggest concern for the team was to make the video professional, or 'not-so-homemade'. For this, the necessary equipment was transported from the office to home. Among other common challenges: Communication and operating issues.

Another full-fledged music video, titled 'Scrolling All Day', is set to release in the coming days, reveals Ganesan.