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Tanishq shines a yellow light on changing familial dynamics and encourages exchange of old gold

A new spot talks about evolved behaviours, readiness to upgrade your gold and making the exchange a payment option.

Old is gold is an adage Indians vehemently believe in, especially when it comes to buying the shiny yellow metal. Every second household in the country is home to a grey locker, with a shiny silver handle, inside which one can find, dormant for decades, gold coins, biscuits and, most importantly, jewellery.

These necklaces, earrings and bangles see the light of the day a few times a year during festivals, and see their ownership change when the household welcomes a new family member, i.e., a daughter-in-law.

Tanishq’s new spot talks about this custom of gifting heirlooms, like jewellery, to a would-be daughter-in-law, but with a twist. Instead of gifting a 30-year-old kangan (bangle), the in-laws decide to scroll through Instagram and understand her tastes. They then exchange the said kangan for what she likes and gift it to her.

Down with the heirlooms, in with the vogue? Not really.

“This campaign is not a commentary against family heirlooms, but tries to signify a bigger point,” says Binaifer Dulani, founding member and creative, Talented. The Bengaluru-based creative agency, working on a project basis, was behind Tanishq’s Mother’s Day campaign this year as well.

Whenever someone new comes into a family (a daughter in law in this case), a fair bit of adjustment is required on her part. There is a new way of living and one needs to acclimatise oneself. All this has always been the idea, says Dulani.

However, for the first time, there is a shift, where the in-laws are saying, "We may have this, but let's look at what she loves and make a change accordingly."

This spot, Dulani says, shows an “evolving relationship, where you are moving the dialogue on what a societal relationship can be.”

Exchange as a payment option?

One of the most noteworthy bits of the ad, is towards the end, when the Tanishq staff member asks the couple, “Cash, cheque, or exchange?”

The last word matters a lot because with an exchange, as per Dulani, “there are a lot of generational myths.” From getting the best price at the place where you bought your jewellery to Tanishq only exchanging gold purchased from its stores… the myths had to go.

Tanishq had introduced the Karatmeter in 2015, which tests the purity of gold, and customers can avail this machine’s service for free at the brand’s outlets. Many customers, to their shock, realised that the gold they’d bought from their local jewellers, had a lower purity than what they were told at the time of purchase.

Making exchange a part of the payment options, Dulani mentions,“gave a new lens to look at jewellery shopping ."


Binaifer Dulani, creative, Talented

Nabil Kureshi, production, Talented

Nasreen Talukdar, brand strategy, Talented

Priyanka Borah, founding member, Talented

Shreya Arora, design, Talented

Agency: Talented

Production house: Superfly Films

Director: Kopal Naithani

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