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TapOnn Launches "Don't try So Hard to Network; Just TapOnn" campaign to revolutionize smart networking

Their first brand campaign initiative aims to revolutionize the use of digital smart cards to network smartly.

TapOnn, a brand dedicated to revolutionizing smart networking, is excited to announce the launch of its first brand campaign "Don't Try So Hard to Network; Just TapOnn".

The campaign aims to create brand awareness and introduce TapOnn as the future of networking. With this campaign TapOnn aims at expanding its reach to digital audiences. The brand's dedication to using technology to make networking simple, efficient, and effective has made it a go-to choice for individuals and businesses.

The campaign focuses on how traditional paper business cards are not relevant in today's digital era and are not adding any value to our smart working professionals. If we are in the digital era then so should be out business cards - smart, instant and eco-conscious that only adds more value to you and enables you to create a great first impression.

"We're thrilled to launch the 'Don't try So Hard to Network; Just TapOnn' campaign and introduce the world to the future of networking. At TapOnn, we believe that networking should be easy. We're excited to empower professionals to achieve their brand and business goals by converting their next network into a plausible lead, said Dhruv Jolly, founder & MD,TapOnn.

We are confident that the campaign will be a massive success and look forward to connecting with a wider audience meaningfully," Dhruv added. 

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