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Tara Sutaria and Vaani Kapoor feature in Instagram reels for Nomad Pizza, showcasing its offerings

The reels capture the joy of the actresses as they indulge in their offerings.

Nomad Pizza is thrilled to announce a collaboration with celebrities Tara Sutaria and Vaani Kapoor! This duo is bringing the world of Nomad Pizza to life through exclusive Instagram reels, featuring everything from Naples classics to Chicago Deep Dish, New York specialties, and Detroit delights.

In the reel titled ‘BTS with Vaani Kapoor,’ the actress orders a spread for her team. Watch as Vaani dials up Nomad Pizza and curates a feast including Margherita Pizza with truffle oil, New York All Chicken Pizza with extra cheese, Chicago Deep Dish, Pineapple Pizza, and Garlic Bread with truffle. The reel captures the joy as Vaani and her team indulge in Nomad Pizza's offerings.

In another reel, Tara Sutaria gears up for a cozy movie night with friends, proving that pizza is the perfect companion for such occasions. She showcases Nomad Pizza's lineup, including, The Classic Margherita Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, and the Veggie Delight Pizza. Tara’s reel highlights how Nomad Pizza makes every gathering special with its options.

“We are incredibly excited to work with Tara and Vaani,” said Amit Ajwani, founder of Nomad Pizza. “Their energy and passion align perfectly with the essence of Nomad Pizza. Through this collaboration, we aim to bring our audience closer to our brand, creating moments of joy and connection through the love of pizza.”

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