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Tara Sutaria becomes brand face of Urban Yog for its new year campaign

Urban Yog sees Tara’s versatility and professionalism as the perfect fit for representing the brand.

Urban Yog, a women's beauty and personal care company from GlobalBees Brands, has announced actress Tara Sutaria as brand face for the new year's #NothingToWear and #JhaaduJaiseBaal campaigns.

The brand has chosen Tara to celebrate women who are bold enough to speak their minds and are ready to bring change.

Talking about the partnership, Tara said, “I am glad to partner with Urban Yog as their ideology aligns with mine. When I look at women today, I am so happy to learn and see us achieve so much personally and professionally. For both working women and women who are homemakers, we constantly aim to achieve a lot with our day! And Urban Yog helps us achieve this easily and comfortably with such fabulous products that suit girls and women of all ages and adds value and ease to always hectic schedules.”

Seconding the above statement, Hemant Raulo, founder & CEO, Urban Yog, added, “Urban Yog is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle for today’s busy women who not only want to excel at work but also manage their lives along with it. When I think of Tara Sutaria the first thing that comes to my mind is her multitasking approach which suits apt for our brand.”

Urban Yog offers affordable and innovative beauty and personal care products spanning menstrual, skin and hair care categories.

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