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Tata Cliq tries looks at the empty offices when we were locked in

The brand looks at the aspect of us longing for office after spending so much time at home.

For the past two and a half months, we've been locked inside our homes. It's was needed. After all, what better way to halt a virus' spread than not getting out and risk mingling with others.

And for it, there were side-effects. One of the most visible being unable to go to the office but instead, work from home. Ever since the lockdown was initiated in the latter half of March, offices across the country have worn a deserted look.

Tata Cliq, an Indian e-commerce store, decided to show us a peek into what's happening inside the offices these days. Expect deserted spaces and office equipment down and under because their favourite people (you) aren't there for them. It's a fun ad that tells us what makes an office – you the people.

As the country opens to a post-lockdown world, we're seeing advertisements aimed at it such as the ones from Volini and Mahindra Spaces. We look forward to seeing more such ads.