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Tata Mutual Fund's 'Index Funds Simple Hai' films promote the simplicity of investing in index funds

The series of films have been conceptualised and produced by Brooomsticks Productions, and targets a broad audience of Millennials and Gen-Z.

Tata Mutual Fund, as a part of its 'Desh Kare Nivesh' initiative, has launched a digital-first campaign titled 'Index Funds Simple Hai'. This campaign aims to demystify the Index Funds category for Gen-Z and Millennials, using a relatable mix of metaphors focused on everyday experiences.

Featuring a series of 9 videos, the campaign utilises a creative approach, using cricket analogies, relatable visuals of day-to-day activities like making noodles or smoothie, and humorous content to highlight the message of simplicity associated with Index Funds. For example, one video compares scoring runs in a cricket match during power play to investing in an index fund. It showcases that investing in an index fund is quick and hassle-free.

Through this campaign, Tata Mutual Fund encourages new-to-market retail investors, typically Gen-Z and Millennials, to invest in index fund. It highlights the benefits of index funds, especially the cost-effectiveness, and how it aims to replicate market returns, making it a clear and achievable investment option for young adults when considering their financial future.

Prathit Bhobe, CEO and MD, Tata Asset Management, said, "Index funds offer investors a unique opportunity by mirroring the composition and performance of financial market indices while maintaining lower expense ratios, making it a smart choice for investors. In recent years, the index fund category experienced remarkable growth, with Average Net Assets Under Management soaring from Rs. 1.44 lakh crore to over Rs. 2.11 lakh crore in FY 2023- 24, marking a notable 46% increase. Building on this momentum, index funds are evolving beyond traditional market trackers. Fund Houses are introducing new products that include sectoral funds and precious metals. This innovation expands the index fund universe, catering to diverse investor needs. Whether a seasoned investor or a newcomer, index funds offer a compelling path to a well-rounded portfolio.”

Adding to the same, Ashish Pawar, head-marketing, Tata Asset Management, said, “We know that the young investors are interested in taking charge of their finances, but navigating the world of investing can feel daunting. Our campaign uses the familiar language of cricket, alongside relatable everyday activities to explain about Index Funds to Gen Z and Millennials."

The campaign leverages the power of digital platforms where young investors spend most of their time. Content will be primarily created in a vertical format, perfectly optimized for mobile consumption. Short, informative explainer videos like Reels and thumb-stoppers, along with social media posts, will delve into the concept of Index Funds.

The brand campaign will go live across various digital and social media platforms for targeted reach based on audience demographics and custom intent signaled through online behaviour. For instance, the creative approach might be tailored differently for those who are entirely new to investing compared to those who have already begun researching investment options.

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