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Tata Salt SuperLite’s latest TVC says reduce sodium, not salt

The company takes a step forward in its premiumisation journey with the launch of 30 per cent less sodium salt.

Tata Salt has extended its low sodium salt portfolio with Tata Salt SuperLite, which claims to have 30 per cent low sodium, to provide an offering for people who are advised to reduce sodium in their diet. This is the second product by the brand in the premium low sodium category after Tata Salt Lite, which has 15 per cent less sodium.

Deepika Bhan, president, packaged foods - India, Tata Consumer Products, said, “Our latest innovation - India’s first 30 per cent low sodium salt, is carefully formulated for the needs of health-conscious consumers. The launch of Tata Salt SuperLite gives consumers who make careful considerations for their lifestyle a trusted option. We are committed to growing this category over the coming years and offer consumers a high-quality option in the process.”

Tata Salt SuperLite’s latest TVC says reduce sodium, not salt

As per recent data, salt intake levels in India is around 11 grams per day, higher than the World Health Organization's recommended intake of five grams per day. The incidence of high blood pressure is said to be rising among young and middle aged Indians, owing to factors such as sedentary lifestyles, work-related stress, high salt diets and irregular eating habits. Tata Salt SuperLite aims to target these consumers and be a part of their health journey.

The brand has now launched a 360-degree campaign, featuring actress Supriya Pathak. It adopts a candid approach, built on the insight that often salt-conscious consumers remind their cooks to reduce the amount of salt in their food with the popular adage, ‘Namak Kam Karo’. The brand lands the key message ‘Namak Badalne Ka Socho’ as an easier alternative.

Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer, Ogilvy India, added, "Today, more and more people are health-conscious and the common phrase often heard in their house is ‘Namak Kam Kar’. We used this insight to create a musical lead by the cooks in the house, which informs people that apart from reducing salt, they also have the option of considering India's first 30 per cent low sodium salt.”

After launching Tata Salt Lite, the brand had released a campaign in 2018 to spread awareness on hypertension and its symptoms. It showed that getting angry in everyday life situations, without a reason, could be one of the symptoms of hypertension. It wanted people to take notice of such behaviour and take preventive measures to control their blood pressure.

Unlike this campaign, the current one doesn’t highlight a health disorder. Rather, it positions the product as a healthier solution, than compromising on the food’s taste.

Tata Salt Lite’s positioning as a low sodium salt highlights the brand’s promise, ‘Desh ki Sehat, Desh Ka Namak’. It reinstates its commitment towards societal health and well-being. Traditionally, the brand’s selling point has been these essential nutrients. For example, Tata Salt Plus has iron. More importantly, the brand came into existence on the iodine plank, as it was the country’s first packaged iodised salt brand.

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