Namah Chawla

Tata Sky marks 15 years of making lives ‘jingalala’

The #15YearsConstant campaign encapsulates how Tata Sky has been an important part of Indian families and lived the journey of change with them.

Paying tribute to the deep and meaningful relationship the brand shares with its subscribers, Tata Sky, the leading content distribution and Pay TV platform, marked its 15-year milestone recently with a new campaign #15YearsConstant.

Conceptualised by Chimp&z Inc., the campaign underscores the value that Tata Sky has brought into the lives of its customers through its service and high-end content delivery. The ad film encapsulates how Tata Sky has been an important part of Indian families and lived the journey of change with them.

Commenting on the campaign, Anurag Kumar, chief communication officer, Tata Sky, said in a press note, “Through this campaign, we wanted to portray that the world has evolved and so has Tata Sky, but the bond that we share with our subscribers has remained strong and steadfast. Our sincere appreciation and profound thanks to all that made this journey memorable and gratifying.”

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & co-founder, Chimp&z Inc., added, "... Tata Sky continues to be a household name, despite the changing times. Keeping that as the focal point of our knowledge, #15YearsConstant was born. The narrative takes us on a poetic journey of growing up, with Tata Sky depicted as a subtle, yet influential part of viewers’ lives. The video is a wonderful amalgamation of visual storytelling and lyrical artistry, which will make our audience reminisce their days of yore."

It must be noted that the brand is betting big on OTT content and has been innovating its offerings to suit the rapidly changing content demands. Tata Sky ‘Binge’ on mobile app and ‘Binge+’ set-top box are some of its recent offerings to leverage the OTT segment.

A flashback of Tata Sky’s 'jingalala' campaigns

When most people had cable connections, that aired only up to 70-80 channels, Tata Sky intended to bring about a disruption in the way television was being watched. The DTH brand took the technology route to reach its customers and then become a household name. It came up with its iconic ‘Isko laga dala toh life jingalala’ jingle that hit the right spot with the audience.

Since its inception, the brand’s focus has been on not only offering more channels, but also providing increased choices, in terms of content like active learning, games, sports and music. Over the years, to communicate the variety of entertainment that it offers, the brand has integrated ‘life jingalala’ jingle in its ad narratives to make them more interesting.

The jingle is the brainchild of Ashish Khazanchi (Enormous Brands), who was then with Rediffusion. In the book '30 Second Thrillers' by KV Sridhar, Khazanchi shares how he was able to crack the jingle. “One day, I was sitting at home and thinking as to, what can be done now? What will be that line which will be as much fun and also ridiculously squeaky? One that can hold all that the product has to offer. After a couple of attempts, I nailed it. For fun sake, I wrote the line, ‘Isko laga dala toh life jingalala’ and found myself laughing out loud, alone, at my home.”

Over the last 15 years, the strong and catchy tagline ‘Isko laga dala toh life jingalala’ has managed to resonate with audiences and cut through different sections of consumers, making Tata Sky’s campaigns a huge hit.