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Tata Tea Agni Leaf celebrates Chhath Puja in new campaign

The brand has launched four special packs styled in Madhubani art to pay homage to the rich heritage and culture of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Tata Tea Agni Leaf has introduced special festive packs and a musical video to celebrate Chhath Puja. The four-pack collection captures the customs and emotions unique to each day's traditions. Each day of the festival is depicted in a different style of Madhubani Art, the cherished artform of Bihar. 

The packs showcase each day of the festival: 'Nahaay Khaay' in Godhna Style with black ink, 'Kharna' in monochrome Kachni Style for prasad preparation, 'Sandhya Arghya' in Kohbar Style capturing people gathering at the ghats to offer Arghya to the setting sun and 'Usha Arghya' in Bharni Style where devotees offer prayers and Arghya to the rising sun as they conclude their sacred fast. 

Tata Tea Agni Leaf celebrates Chhath Puja in new campaign

The brand has released a music video- ‘Aava Mil Ke Chhath Manayi’, to show the festivities where families and loved ones come together, perform rituals and customs associated with each day of Chhath with joy and reverence. The visual narrative is supported by a song which invokes powerful symbols of the festivital like ‘kharna ki kheer’, ‘thekua’, ‘daura’ and ‘arghya’ .

Puneet Das, president, packaged beverages, Tata Consumer Products, said, “ Chhath occupies a special place in the hearts of people in Bihar and Jharkhand. We launched a special Chhath four-pack collection paying homage to the rich cultural heritage by diving deep into the world-renowned Madhubani art form and showcasing each day of the festival in a different style of Madhubani. The music video is created specially to capture the heart of the festivities- of families coming together and continuing to celebrate their inherited legacy with love and joy.”

Azazul Haque, chief creative officer, Media Monks, said, ‘’ Chhath is a Festival of four days and showcasing it on four packs is an idea that will connect with every person who celebrates this festival. For video, the idea is to give people a new song as Chhath songs are a huge hit amongst the people who celebrate it.’’

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