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Tata Tea Premium’s new ad films: a step forward in hyperlocal strategy

Conceptualised by Mullen Lintas, one film celebrates the multifaceted women of Maharashtra and the other focuses on the humane side of Mumbaikars.

Tata Tea Premium undertook a rebranding exercise in December 2019, and released two region-specific ad films - one focused on Uttar Pradesh (UP) and the other on Delhi. The strategy was to target the consumers of these two North Indian states, by showcasing their rich culture, unique attributes of their people, thereby evoking ‘regional pride’.

UP ad film

Delhi ad film

Subsequently, the brand also launched hyperlocal campaigns for Punjab and Haryana in March 2020, and for Odisha in November 2020.

According to Tata Tea Premium, its expertise has always been catering to local taste preferences. Thus, it has offered distinct blends to meet people’s taste preferences in various geographies across the country.

State-specific packaging

Tata Tea Premium’s new ad films: a step forward in hyperlocal strategy
Tata Tea Premium’s new ad films: a step forward in hyperlocal strategy
Tata Tea Premium’s new ad films: a step forward in hyperlocal strategy

Recently, Tata Tea Premium launched two ads - one each for Maharashtra and Mumbai.

The women of Maharashtra are known for following traditions and customs. In the Maharashtra-focused commercial, Tata Tea Premium pays homage to the Sarvaguni (multifaceted) aspect of Marathi women. The film showcases a traditional homemaker, who is family-oriented, takes care of her kids, the elders and home. At the same time, she is also unconventional, modern and welcomes new thinking, as she plays all these multiple roles to perfection.

The Mumbai-focused film celebrates the Kadak (strong) spirit of the city, whose residents are perceived to be thorough professionals. They are, at times, detached or indifferent, but are known to be equally kind and humane, showcasing a true ‘Mumbaikar Spirit’. It is perceived that Mumbai is remarkably different from other cities. Its citizens lead extremely fast-paced, no-nonsense, busy lives. But the city also harbours within itself a passionate spirit of humanity that manifests in times of need - be it rains, floods or any other crisis.

This film features a restaurateur, who refuses to hire an employee’s brother due to his lack of skills and experience. But later, her compassion is revealed when she notices some underprivileged people take shelter outside her high-end restaurant to save themselves from torrential rains. She invites them in and serves them food and tea - embodying the true humane spirit of Mumbai.

These two new films for Maharashtra and Mumbai are backed by a change in packaging that showcases iconic motifs.

Tata Tea Premium’s new ad films: a step forward in hyperlocal strategy
Tata Tea Premium’s new ad films: a step forward in hyperlocal strategy

Talking about the new campaigns, Puneet Das, president - packaged beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, said in a press note, ... the two new TVCs made specially for the markets of Maharashtra and Mumbai are a step forward in our hyperlocal approach. We aim to celebrate regional pride with region-specific packaging and a local communication lensed through a pertinent local insight showcasing the ‘insider’s perspective’, reflective of the true spirit of the region.”

While the Maharashtra film celebrates Marathi women for being Sarvaguni, the Mumbai film salutes Mumbaikars for their Kadak Insaniyat. Both films aim to deepen the emotive connect the brand enjoys in these markets, in line with our overarching strategy of celebrating regional pride and driving thought leadership.”

Azazul Haque and Garima Khandelwal, CCOs at Mullen Lintas, added, “Doing a separate campaign for Maharashtra and Mumbai was a challenge, as Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. But then, Mumbai has its own identity. It has many personalities, characters and stereotypes. But we thought nothing can make for a better stereotype than the professional, cold, bordering insensitive stereotype of Mumbai. So, we have a story that reflects the Kadak Dil stereotype of Mumbai and celebrates the Kadak Insaniyat that Mumbai and Mumbaikars show time and again!”

“For Maharashtra, we thought celebrating the multifaceted aspect of the state would connect better with Maharashtrians. We wanted to celebrate the Marathi culture that values traditions and customs, but also welcomes new thinking, is progressive and connected with the world, which makes it a Sarvaguna state. Just like Tata Tea Premium tea.”

The two new ad films are currently live across online and offline mediums.

It is interesting to note that a few weeks back, Society Tea (which finds its origin in Mumbai’s famous Masjid Bunder’s Chai Galli and holds a major market share in Maharashtra) also launched an ad film that pays ode to the people of the state.

Team credits

Agency: Mullen Lintas

Creative: Azazul Haque, Garima Khandelwal, Prasad Venkatraman, Abhilash Mundayat, Ranbir Bhogal

Account management: Hari Krishnan, Lopamudra Bhattacharya, Anahita Brar

Planning: Ekta Relan, Sushma R Rao, Gargi Sarvankar

Production house: Green Grass Film.