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TBWA\India launches microsite to track coronavirus updates

TBWA\India's microsite aims to be a resource for marketers looking for insights to help them deal with the rapidly spreading global pandemic.

As humanity navigates through an unprecedented time of unsettling realities, culture is shifting in every direction. It has become crucial for brands to weather this storm by meaningfully connecting with its consumers. In this context, TBWA India has launched a microsite that brings together all its India Covid19 insights.

It has a variety of insights and thought starters for marketers to explore how to formulate their brand strategy in these critical times. The microsite compiles insights from different perspectives – how consumer behaviours are changing (culture), how marketing can navigate these uncertain times (possibilities), what interesting brand actions have been taken till date (actions) and what data tells us about what people are talking about online (social listening).

TBWA\India launches microsite to track coronavirus updates

TBWA India Chief Executive Officer, Govind Pandey, said he hopes the microsite will offer marketers with some insight and guidance on how to navigate these times with confidence and optimism. He says “In this crisis of uncertain proportions, we are here to help businesses see an opportunity in these disruptive times.”

The first report that can be seen on the site is called TBWA Cultural Triggers tracks various ‘lockdown triggers’. It further goes on the inform how consumer behaviour is changing because of these triggers. As a complement to this report, it also has a real-time tracking of relevant happenings across the country called Backslash India: Lockdown Edition. The second report titled ‘Navigating Uncertainty’ identifies eight emerging values that are unique to India and provide a simple framework to help brands plan across three phases from Response to Recovery to Revival. It attempts to curb hopelessness with some positive thinking on how marketing can get out of the uncertainty.

A glimpse of the first scroll on the microsite
A glimpse of the first scroll on the microsite

To make the microsite comprehensive, it also has two more reports. First, an analysis on the various strategies already deployed by brands in India to react to emerging consumer behaviour. Second, an analysis of the conversations on COVID-19 across India to know what’s keeping locked-down India occupied. Lastly, the microsite showcases some of the disruptive creative work released by TBWA clients, both locally in India and globally during this pandemic.

TBWA\India chief strategy officer, Subramanian Krishnan says that “It is safe to predict that these are not normal times. Coming out of this virus situation, we Indians would be fundamentally different. It is important to get on top of what new values would Indian consumers embrace to make sure that our brands remain relevant as and when the recovery happens. Our microsite intends to help you do exactly that – stay on top of shifting consumer values” The TBWA\India team promises to refresh and update the site regularly in this fast evolving situation with new triggers, predictions and emerging brand behaviour.

The microsite can be accessed here.

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