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Tetley Green Tea adds a spoonful of Vitamin C to its antioxidant-rich tea

Says it is time that people feel fit about themselves from the inside, and not just outside.

The concept of a ‘bubble’ has changed since COVID struck last year. What was once a simple ball of air or gas enclosed in a floating liquid, has now become a safe space for people. It is like a shield against the virus’ spread.

Tetley Green Tea has changed its definition. For the tea brand from Tata Consumer Products, the bubble represents the ‘sense of doubt’ people feel about their fitness levels.

Since last year, all of us have realised the importance of physical fitness and have started exercising in some form or the other. In the ad made by Lowe Lintas, we, along with the protagonist, can see people going about their morning fitness routines. But they’re all enclosed in the bubble of ‘self-doubt’.

This is where Tetley Green Tea comes in and says that it can help. The tea brand that has always touted its antioxidants, now offers immunity because it comes with Vitamin C.

Puneet Das, president - packaged beverages (India and South Asia), Tata Consumer Products, said, “Tetley is amongst the first players in India’s green tea segment. With the understanding that ‘immunity’ has gathered strong relevance in the current pandemic, our sharp focus is to cater to emerging new trends in the wellness segment.”

“As we embrace the new normal, people have doubts if they are really ‘fit from the inside’. It is time to start the journey towards a new level of internal fitness with the inclusion of Tetley Green Tea Immune in one’s daily regime. With this innovation, we are revolutionising the green tea category, with a mission to empower consumers with fit lifestyles choices.”

Puneet Kapoor, regional creative officer, Lowe Lintas Bengaluru, added, “The genesis of the idea came from the insight that in the pandemic times, many of us are living with a doubting mindset. As if there were a mythical bubble of doubt engulfing us, questioning how strong our immunity is.”