Ananya Pathak

“Thank you for doing nothing,” says Cadbury 5 star in new spot

In its new quirky, hilarious spot, Cadbury 5 star continues with its quirky humour.

Brands across segments are these days trying hard to present themselves as 'woke'. While some peg their communication on social issues like women empowerment and LGBTQ rights, others make a case for environmental concerns. It is in such enlightened times that Cadbury 5 star, launched in 1965, decides to play the carefree card in its recent communication. The film has been conceptualised by Ogilvy.

The 50 second film builds on the '5 star khao, kho jao' narrative used by the brand in its iconic campaign featuring 'Ramesh' and 'Suresh'. The film opens with an aged woman asking the protagonist – a young lad – to pick up her walking stick that's fallen on the road while she is sitting on a roadside bench. Lost in the chocolate bar, he responds with 'Ji Maaji' but does not move away from the pillar he is leaning on. As the old lady gets up to pick the stick herself, a grand piano falls at the very spot she was sitting at. Giving it a quirky touch, the lady thanks the protagonist for not doing anything.

The brand has done such hilarious and quirky ads in the past too. Here's a look at some:

Ricardo Vaz, associate creative director at Enormous Brands, feels that a brand like 5 star has its voice really well-defined, with quirky and carefree communication.

Ricardo Vaz
Ricardo Vaz

“We've seen the 'Ramesh-Suresh' series and even the 'No Hard Fillings' films which really establish their voice and tone for the past few years.” To him, 'Do nothing' seems like a natural extension to the "Kho jaaoge" positioning. “Any venture into woke-vertising would've technically been off-brand. But then again, the rules are always changing,” he says.

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