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The art of communication: Converse, OYO, Durex during COVID -19

From funny and entertaining to informative and insightful, here's how brands are talking to us during the COVID - 19 crisis.

Our world is no longer the same. Over 15,000 people have lost their lives, economies are on the verge of being shattered, and countries have gone into lockdown. COVID - 19 is a health crisis unlike we've ever encountered.

And during this time, we have taken refuge on the internet from the comfort of our homes. From streaming movies and TV shows to catch up on news and sharing memes, we are all online.

So are the brands who too have borne the brunt on the virus. They’re online and communicating with us about the situation. From spreading awareness about the virus and precautions to take to giving us a good laugh and reminding us that we’re in this together, brands are mindful of the need for the right communication during a crisis.

Here are some of them:

Mumbai Police gets it. Do you?

Converse India calling out all creators.

OYO always has its doors open.

Fitbit India reminding us of our priorities.

Bisleri asking us to 'Be Safe'.

Cafe Coffee Day is going on a break.

Dabur Hajmola defining a fool.

Apple is celebrating home-based creators.

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Everything feels different now. It’s unclear how long this will last, or what life will look like when it’s all behind us. And while much is uncertain, some inspiring things are happening, too. All over the world, we’ve seen an outpouring of creativity in the face of this crisis. People are sharing their unique points of view. Finding ways to connect from afar. To that end, @apple will be featuring moments captured at home by creators from around the world. We have always shined a light on artists, and we are committed to supporting them now, more than ever. We might be apart, but we’re in this together. #ShotoniPhone #atHome by… - 1. Yos B. @iyoso - 2. Greg M. @megaguire - 3. Sidney B. @sidneybensimon - 4. Emma W. @emmafwright - 5. Andre B. @decobueno

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Hyundai India is right.

Taco Bell's guide to social distancing.

KLM keeping the Blue Spirit high.

Let's listen to The Spirit of Ecstasy.

Sony BBC Earth with an epic video message.

Subway India gets right into the act.

Durex India says the right thing

AXN India has got its thinking cap on.

Volvo Cars gets it right.

Amul has its priorities sorted.

Honda Cars India on what a home truly means.

Jeep Peru has the right view.

OkCupid always knew that love knows no safe distance

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Love knows n̶o̶ safe distance.♥️

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Dunzo telling you what to do.

Skore India on what WFM means for them.

Smirnoff India like all of us can't remember which day it is.

Nescafe India can turn any place into a coffee date.

KFC India encouraging people to maintain social distancing.

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In this together, at a distance. #Social_Distancing

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McDonald's India stressing the need for social distancing.

Mercedes-Benz thanking everyone for doing their bit during these trying times.

Starbucks India is at home, so should you.

Swiggy keeping it light while you work from home.

BookMyShow knows the truth behind work from home

Tinder India telling us what to do

Nike telling us that now is our chance

Red FM encouraging us to do the right thing by staying in and maintaining social distancing

The art of communication: Converse, OYO, Durex during COVID -19
The art of communication: Converse, OYO, Durex during COVID -19

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