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The coronavirus curve isn't the only curve that needs flattening

Flattening the curve is not always related to the coronavirus. An outdoor ad by Gold Gym urges members to log in to get fit.

The world came under lockdown and is in the process of unlock, but the coronavirus continues to spread, unabated. Gold Gym's outdoor ad, written by Miami Ad School Germany is a cheeky take on the phrase 'flatten the curve'.

The coronavirus curve isn't the only curve that needs flattening

The ad spotted at a bus station in Germany is intended to promote Gold's Gym at-home workout services. It depicts the 'curve' as a man's potbelly and tells onlookers that its timet to flatten this curve too. This ad comes at a time when Germany is in talks to ease the lockdown, despite worries of a second wave of infection.

Gold Gym is one of the many fitness chains that are feeling the heat from the coronavirus induced lockdown. In many countries, gyms and other fitness classes are classified as a non-essential service and have been forced to remain shut for an extended period of time, causing losses to the business. It's not the first business to turn to a virtual workout routine to keep their members engaged.

Closer home in India,, the company that owns fitness classes across the brand, announced that they would start charging for their online classes and content. A MoneyControl report mentions that there are close 3.5 lakh users accessing the video classes (as of May 20, 2020), with a large chunk of them being new users who are not Cult members - these numbers were shared by the company itself. In another April report, CureFit growth lead Naresh Krishnaswamy mentioned that the platform was seeing around 5 lakh sessions everyday through its video classes.

In what appears to be a bid to stay relevant, has announced the addition of a wide range of grocery essentials in its portfolio. Offering nearly 40 SKUs across various categories including Rice, Atta, Pulses, Oil, Spices, Sugar, Salt, Edible oil, Bread, Milk, Eggs and Heat and Eat ready meals.

Currently, the company is providing delivery slots within 24 hours of order placement and is working closely with the brand partners to mitigate the existing constraints. has collaborated with some of the most popular brands in the listed categories such as Saffola (Marico), MTR, Britannia, Pillsbury (General Mills), Ashirwad (ITC), MDH, 24 Mantra to name a few.