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The first ad for Airtel Black has dropped

It is the network carrier’s new offering that lets you club your DTH, fibre, and mobile bill into one.

How do you capture a consumer set of millions where your market is all but a duopoly? Convenience might come up as a differentiating feature during brainstorming sessions.

Cellular network Airtel is banking on this word after it recently released the first ad of its Airtel Black offering. Marketed as “India’s first all-in-one solution for Homes”, it lets Airtel consumers enjoy one plan for their Fiber, DTH, and mobile services.

The 45-second ad, directed by Ram Madhvani and produced by Equinox Films, shows us a harried guy who’s to respond to every family member’s complaints about the slow net, unresponsive cable guy, lack of wi-fi access, and non-payment of phone bills.

While he remarks he is the “chief everything officer” of the house, a voice-over informs him that he is not and goes on to illustrate the Airtel Black offering.

Launched on 2 July 2021, an Airtel customer can “ bundle 2 or more of Airtel services (Fiber, DTH, Mobile) together to become Airtel Black – which entitles the customer for one single bill, one Customer Care number with a dedicated team of relationship managers, and priority resolution of faults and issues.”

”All of this also comes with amazing value of zero-switching and installation costs coupled with free service visits for life.”

Shashwat Sharma, Director – Marketing and Communications, Bharti Airtel is quoted on the company’s website: “Airtel Black is another step in our obsession for solving our customer problems at Airtel. This squarely addresses the need for convenience and peace of mind for our customers, as they navigate their lives in the new normal.”

“As an integrated operator, Airtel is uniquely positioned to deliver an exceptional experience on all home services –Fiber, DTH and Mobile, to our customers. And Airtel Black is focussed on doing just that.”

Speaking of the plans, you can either choose to create your own Airtel Black plan or go with one of the fixed plans starting from Rs 998 per month (excluding GST).