Shreyas Kulkarni

The Great Khali turns delivery man for Cadbury Fuse

Because you need a big guy to quench a ravenous hunger, says the brand.

You know kuch bhaari hone ko hai when the Great Khali walks up to you. If this was the WWE ring a decade ago, you could very well expect him to crush your skull with a deadly hold.

However, in Cadbury Fuse’s new ad, the most popular WWE wrestler out of India turns into a delivery man because the protagonist is feeling some bhaari bhook. For the brand, to satiate such an intense hunger pang, you need a big guy to deliver a heavy-duty snack a la the Cadbury Fuse.

Why is a chocolate snack heavy? Because it is peanuts covered by chocolate covered by caramel. In the ad’s setting of a chemistry lab, the Khali, like the Hulk, trying not to break anything while reaching his destination adds to the comic flavour of the spot whilst delivering the message and the snack.

Kainaz Karmakar and Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy India spoke about the work, in a press release, “In the new campaign for Cadbury Fuse we put the spotlight on what the product delivers best – it’s a bhaari snack, stuffed with peanuts, chocolate and caramel, making it the most wholesome answer to hunger. To exaggerate the ‘bhaari-ness’ we use Khali as the carrier and the feeder.

The director, Abhinav Pratiman has delivered the humour just right. Khali is almost apologetic about the disruption his entry causes. The subtle chaos in the chemistry lab, the reaction of the students and the professor will make people want to see the commercial every time it plays.”

Anil Viswanathan, Vice President - Marketing, Mondelez India was quoted in the release: With this new proposition, we aim to recapitulate Cadbury Fuse as a substantial, filling snack that reigns in hunger pangs while providing a great taste experience. With The Great Khali on board, we are excited to see India’s favourite Heavyweight champion help us manifest the Bhaari messaging behind the latest campaign”.

Shekhar Banerjee, Chief Client Officer head, West, Wavemaker India, a media agency, said in the release, “What you will see is the synergy of three heavyweight champions. The Great Khali, Cadbury Fuse, and power of precision content targeting. This is a very creative use of custom intent and AI-driven search content, helping us in hijacking every piece of content around snacks with Khali like a bolt from the blue, establishing Fuse as a Bhaari snack.”

Nearly a year ago, Mondelez India launched Cadbury Fuse Fit in which peanuts and almonds make for 50 per cent of the bar, fulfilling 10% of the daily protein requirement; it was pitched as a healthier alternative to fast food.

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