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The Hindu points out how it took a microscopic virus to rekindle our humanity

It's one of the many eye-catching pieces of communication the newspaper has doled out in recent times.

"All it took was a microscopic organism to make us more human."

It's one of those lines that can make you stop and think. And during this Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, it won't just make you stop and think but go deep down to see how you've changed over the past two months.

This line comes from a print ad from today's 'The Hindu' edition (May 6, 2020). The ad talks about how this virus has made us more empathetic and humane. From respecting healthcare professionals and frontline workers to calling aged parents more and keeping the health of our maids and workers in minds, the past two months has definitely changed us.

The complete copy reads:

A virus has locked us down in a new world. One where we no longer haggle with the vegetable vendor, because we know he needs the money more than we do.

Today, we respect healthcare professionals, people in uniforms, and delivery agents, leaving no occassion to thank them.

We insist that our house helps stay home and take care of themselves, we make sure they are cared for.

Aged parents do not have to wait for our weekly phone calls, because it happens almost twice every day.

We have by all means, become more human. This pandemic has changed us, for, we have developed new habits. If these are not the habits worth keeping, then what are?

The ad ends with an important question, "If these are not the habits worth keeping, then what are?" Called #KeepTheHabit, it's certainly not the first time when The Hindu newspaper has raised eyebrows with smart print ads.

The Hindu points out how it took a microscopic virus to rekindle our humanity

Recently, the Chennai-based newspaper carried an entire ad where the words were spaced out. It was a nod towards the social distancing precautionary measures we need to take to prevent the virus's spread.

On March 3, 2020, which is also Earth Day, the paper carried a piece called 'Meet the Dumbest Creature on the Planet', a gripping piece of writing which called out to humans responsible for plastic pollution. Ogilvy was behind this ad.

And the paper also called out brands who would have tried to leverage the health crisis for profit in a piece of communication that read, “If you really feel the urge to milk something, kindly go find a cow.”