Aishwarya Ramesh

The Underdogs 'escape from office' in Apple's latest ad

The slice of life ad shows the struggles of founding a company as well as running ti successfully till it makes profits.

At some point, we've all fantasized about quitting our jobs and being our own bosses. Granted, the process is a lot more challenging than being employed in a company, but a person can dream, right?

That's the theme of Apple's latest ad. We see a group of four individuals sitting in a car during their lunch break, complaining about work, trying to hide from their bosses and grab a moment of respite in the midst of their hectic work days.

The protagonist in the driver's seat has a faraway look in her eyes. She's dreaming of sending a simple, yet powerful text to her boss - informing her that she's quitting. The rest of the team, who shares her frustration, eagerly jump on board with the idea and thus begins their struggle as startup founders.

The ad is nearly 8 minutes long and unfolds like a short film. We see Apple's various products being integrated into the ad. Graphic designers use the Apple Pencil, the team members use iPads and Macbook laptops and so on.

If some of the faces in the ad look familiar to you - its because these are the same actors who starred in Apple's WFH commercial from 2020. Back when the first wave of COVID forced employees to work from home - Apple made a commercial starring the same Underdogs, using various Apple devices to hilariously navigate the pitfalls of working from home and getting work done.

Apple has been in the news in recent times for a line of new products it announced at its first 2022 Apple event. Some of the products that they announced included a new iPad, a new colour finish for the iPhone 13 as well as a new Mac Studio and Studio Display.

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