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This Ajio ad teases apparel of the ‘Future’; but is it just an April Fool’s Day spoof?

The ad shows ‘FutureFits’, an apparel range that can change colour and texture with the press of a button.

Fashion enthusiasts might be left abuzz following the release of Ajio's latest ad film, teasing a futuristic concept in apparel dubbed FutureFits. Promising garments capable of transforming shape, colour, and size at the touch of a button, the advertisement showcases a tantalising glimpse into the potential future of fashion.

At the heart of this clothing line lies the ‘innovative fabric’ christened as Dynamic Hyperactive Genetic Apparel (D.H.A.G.A), supposedly powered by "Stitch Ion Processor". According to the ad, this groundbreaking technology enables garments to undergo remarkable transformations, adapting to the wearer's preferences with unprecedented ease.

From shifting hues to altering textures, the ad demonstrated the astonishing capabilities of FutureFits, all controlled by a single button.

However, as the ad aired just days before April Fool's Day, scepticism emerges regarding the authenticity of the claims. While the concept of garments capable of such remarkable metamorphosis captures the imagination, it appears to be too good to be true.

The conspicuous absence of any scientific explanation behind D.H.A.G.A and the Stitch Ion Processor, raises doubts about their feasibility. Furthermore, the ad's announcement that FutureFits would exclusively be available on the Ajio app upon its launch in 2025 only fuels suspicions.

As excitement gives way to scrutiny, it is apparent that Ajio's FutureFits ad may indeed be a cleverly crafted April Fool's prank. While the idea of transformative clothing is something straight out of a sci-fi movie, we’re perhaps still decades away from a tech like this.

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