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Thought Blurb celebrates 16th Anniversary; launches Social Blurb to mark the milestone

The agency has announced the launch of Social Blurb, a new vertical focusing on new-age digital solutions.

Thought Blurb, the Mumbai headquartered full-service advertising agency has completed 16 glorious years in the creative and advertising industry. To mark this landmark occasion, the agency has today announced the launch of Social Blurb, a new vertical focusing on new-age digital solutions. This step is taken as a cue to navigate the future of advertising and continue evolving with the times. With this, Thought Blurb has now separated its Digital Division from Conventional advertising.

In the past sixteen years Thought Blurb has crafted a unique personality for itself and is a part of the vibrant advertising continuum of India. Launched in 2007, the agency over the years has steered a large number of brands from inception to brand architecture and design, product design, packaging, and launch. Some of these include Reconnect and LYF, in-house brands from the Reliance Group, Sprig from Synthite Group, Down-To-Earth Organic Foods for the Morarka Group, Viviana Mall for the Sheth Group, Madhur Sugar, and the Jivana range of food products for the Somaiya Group. These brands were built from scratch by Thought Blurb.

Speaking on the occasion Vinod Kunj - Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Thought Blurb said, “The advertising landscape is shifting fast. We see this in the way consumers and clients develop their expectations, and the media rushes in to fill the voids. This has always been the case, but the pace seems to have become exceptionally rapid. Effective strategic advertising has become so much more important, in a media space full of strident immediate communication. Consumers need to be constantly reminded of the brand core, before pummeling them with tactical messaging.”

“Digital media is nothing like we were used to, growing up in advertising. It’s a two-way street. And often, it’s the consumer that is targeting the brand, rather than the other way around. Netizens are creating a ‘world of me’ around themselves using all kinds of digital Apps and services. Social Blurb is working with brands to cohabit that world even if it’s for a fleeting moment before swiping by”, he further added.

On heading the digital vertical, Social Blurb. Nidha Luthra, executive director, Thought Blurb commented, “We are building skill centers in the digital sphere which includes the advent of AI and User-Generated Content (UGC). This calls for collaborations and partnership across the entire gamut of new age technology driven digital services. Watch out for some interesting work from Social Blurb in the very near future.” 

Further speaking on the organization culture, Nidha continues, “We don’t just hire talent, we nurture it. Some of our best people have joined us early in their careers and stayed with us for over 10 years.” This, in itself, is unusual for an industry that has a particularly high employee turnover. We have now introduced Comfort Care leave for women for their first day of menstrual cycle, wherein they can work in the comfort of their homes.” 

Renu Somani, NCD at Thought Blurb adds, “The digital native is now almost 40 years old. And the more the world opens up, the more compartmentalized it gets. Creating the kind of effective advertising, we have been able to do, is to speak to each demographic in their own language. In fact, the one campaign for all customers way of thinking is over and we are crafting communication that seems highly customized and personal even as we address large swathes of the Indian milieu.”

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