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Tide brings 'Chaunk Gaye' proposition and signature 'swoosh' to Tide Pods ad

The ad is a YouTube pre-roll and focuses on the Tide Pods product proposition - whitening, brightening and freshening up of garments.

Tide has come out with a new campaign for its Tide PODs product. The short ad is a YouTube pre-roll ad and in this ad, we see the Tide POD moving across a stained garment with the brand's signature 'Swoosh', making the stains disappear. The ad's copy focuses on the product proposition of whitening, brightening and making clothes fresh.

We've seen the 'swoosh' being used in the past Tide ads with a packet moving rapidly across a person's stained clothes to whiten and create a contrast between the clean part of the garment cleaned by Tide and the other dirty parts.

Ariel also launched Ariel PODs in India recently. P&G India is pioneering the creation of a new segment within the Laundry category, by introducing single-use tablets called PODs.

In many countries around the world, Laundry PODs are already popular as the most convenient way of doing laundry. Ariel 3in1 PODs, launched in India very recently, are pre-dosed washing capsules, filled with concentrate liquid detergent. Ariel 3in1 PODs are 3-chambered PODs providing the consumers with a 3in1 HD Clean benefit – cleaning, stain removal and brightness.

Like Ariel’s laundry PODs, Tide PODs are also available only on e-commerce platforms. Tide promises whiteness, brightness and stain removal. One Tide POD can be used to clean one load of laundry, and their marketing messages on social and imagery seem very similar to the creative content that Ariel has been using on its social media channels.

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