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Tide launches music video with comedian Kiku Sharda

The new Tide’s ‘Khachak Khuchak Chod Do’ campaign features popular comedian Kiku Sharda grooving to a hook step that says goodbye to scrubbing clothes to remove tough stains like gravy, oil and mud. 

Tide, a brand known for its quirky and fun commercials unveiled a laundry music video ‘Khachak Khuchak Chod do’ with vibrant and foot-tapping music video featuring the comedian Kiku Sharda, known for his various characters on ‘The Kapil Sharma show’.

The word ‘Khachak Khuchak' is the sound of arduous scrubbing that consumers have to do when washing clothes by hand.

Indian families spend up to 300 hours* (source- IMRB panel) every year hand-washing clothes. With Tide detergent, consumers can save up to 40%^ of the time spent on doing laundry. Tide removes tough stains like gravy, oil and mud easily without any scrubbing and is asking consumers to say goodbye to khachak khuchak in this new video. 

The video has Kiku Sharda grooving to the lyrics and a hook step that says goodbye to scrubbing to remove tough stains like oil, gravy, and dirt from clothes and welcomes ‘khachak khuchak’-free new year with the Tide range of detergents. Through this cult-music video, Tide continues to connect with consumers across India by innovating new trends. The video has been launched across Tide’s social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India and Vice President and Fabric Care Head for P&G Indian subcontinent said, “Tide is known for its quirky and fun advertising which is in sync with pop culture. Our messaging is focused on Tide’s core benefit of whiteness and stain removal while adding a bit of humour to the, sometimes, mundane chore of laundry.

Taking this further, Tide has launched the music video ‘Khachak Khuchak’ which uses the sound of scrubbing to bring to life Tide Double Power’s benefit of outstanding stain removal and whiteness without scrubbing.”

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