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Tide positions itself as the time saver

It ties back to the detergent’s ‘Double Power’ proposition, according to which, it provides better cleaning in lesser laundry time.

Lockdowns, work from home and social distancing has brought many families together under one roof but this has also resulted in increased workload in the house. This adds up over time and has a larger impact on family time.

Tide’s new campaign #TideforTime shines the spotlight on this story of many households across the country, where everyday tasks take up most of the hours, leaving little time for anything else. By raising the question - ‘Are we spending our time on what’s really important?’ Tide aims to contextualise the importance of time for the families of today.

The campaign ties back to the detergent brand’s ‘Double Power’ proposition, according to which, it can provide superior cleaning in the soak or machine itself, resulting in lesser laundry time. The time saved can be used for spending time with family, friends, pursuing passion, honing a hobby, etc.

The film is the story of a grandmother who is visiting her family. Throughout her stay, she notices her granddaughter spending time by herself, trying to seek her parents time and attention because her parents are caught up in office or homework. After she returns from her visit, the grandmother drives the realisation for the family that the grand-daughter misses spending time with her parents. She also reiterates that time is most valuable when spent on what’s really important, urging them to make more time for with their child.

Talking about the campaign, Sharat Verma, chief marketing officer, P&G India and vice President, Fabric Care said, “During COVID, we have been limited to the confines of our homes. But this physical proximity has not necessarily led to stronger emotional connection. Research shows 9 out of 10* people agree that COVID has made them realize the importance of togetherness. With #TideForTime, our endeavor is to bring to light a pertinent question, rendered even more important in the current context – ‘Are we spending our time on what’s really important?’."

"We also realize that families spend around 300^ hours every year doing laundry. This is also a reminder that by putting Tide to work and letting it deliver its superior cleaning, we can make some time for our lives and spend it on what we truly value - whether it is spending time with families, pursuing passions, finding some me-time or even exploring the entrepreneurial spirit. Because there’s only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s how we spend it.”

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