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Tinder decides to animate a sweet love story…

… of how Meera and Priya met on Tinder, worked together on Zoom... and started something epic.

If the pandemic induced lockdown was a dating app, then it must have right-swiped online dating the moment its profile appeared on the screen.

Everybody was ordered to stay inside their homes and to step out only for essential work, nothing else. Real-life dating seemed a no-show now and people flocked to their smartphones to find their match.

Tinder, a dating that was one of the beneficiaries of the lockdown decided to animate a real-life love story of “how Meera and Priya met on Tinder, worked together on zoom, introduced their pets to each other virtually, kept each other company online, and started something epic!”

59-seconds long, it’s bound to tingle your insides the right way leaving you with a grin on your face. From the excitement of matching to the anxieties of starting the conversation and the first video call, of course.

Part of Tinder’s ‘Swipe Stories’; experiences that start on the app, this short film was made in collaboration in association with ‘The Museum of Queer Swipe Stories’: “A project by Gaysi Family and Tinder that seeks to collect the many moods, experiences, and complexities of queer dating.”

The film is the love story of a queer couple… Recently Tinder had partnered with PureMe, a mask maker and Pocket Aces, a leading digital media entertainment company to create a show that explores the same-gender romantic relationship between two young girls, who match on Tinder…

An interesting aspect of the film is the video calling feature that Tinder has released. “We’re confident that opt-in video gives members a more authentic way to test out the chemistry they have with their match before making the decision to continue the conversation, whether that means keeping it digital or meeting safely IRL," said Rory Kozoll, Head of Trust and Safety Product at Tinder.

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