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Tinder India releases ‘Swipe Right Material’, a new tune that celebrates self-love

The track brings together three musicians from different genres and languages - Guru Randhawa, Anirudh Ravichander and Dee MC.

Tinder, the world's most popular app for meeting new people, has released a new track ‘Swipe Right Material’ - an ode to being your authentic self and celebrating diverse backgrounds. This track brings together three popular Indian musicians from different genres and languages - Guru Randhawa, Anirudh Ravichander and Dee MC, in a never-seen-before collaboration between these artistes.

With music being the number one “passion” that Tinder members include in their profiles globally, this track mirrors how dating for Gen Z has become fluid, self-aware and comfortable with presenting their authentic self socially.

#SwipeRightMaterial features lyrics that urge Gen Z to be their unique self, embrace their quirks unapologetically and wear their heart on their sleeve. The vocals in Punjabi, Tamil and English celebrates the magic of endless possibilities and connections, which can be unlocked simply by embracing oneself.

Randhawa said, “I am super pumped to have worked with these amazing musicians for this one-of-a-kind tune that is sure to make fans groove this summer. What’s more exciting is that this song reflects how people come together and form diverse connections on Tinder - just as these three powerhouse genres came together to create this magical track. Everyone is unique, or as I would say it ‘wakhra’ in their own way, like the three of us, and that’s what makes this song #SwipeRightMaterial.”

Speaking about this unique collaboration, feminist rapper MC said, “When it comes to meaningful conversation and connections, music can unite people in a deep, personal way. Not only do these lyrics feel like a timeless sentiment, but they also invite Gen Z to be open to possibilities and embrace this without the fear of seizing the moment. It has been such a unique experience to collaborate on this song and I can't wait for everyone to jam to #SwipeRightMaterial.”

South India-based Ravichander added, “It’s been amazing to see three different genres come together to create this crazy track, which I am sure Gen Z is definitely going to vibe to. Authenticity is key to the way I make my music, and I love how this tune looks at the idea of self-expression, authenticity and self-love to connect with others, who might feel a lot like you do. Each one of you out there is #SwipeRightMaterial, and I am confident that this song reflects that.”

Tinder is also introducing a fun dance challenge on its social media in which fans of the track will be encouraged to participate and win a chance to meet the three artistes and feature in the upcoming official music video of the track. ‘Swipe Right Material’ is now available on Spotify, and Tinder members can add the track in their profiles to match with people through the recently launched Music Mode. The track is also available here.

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